"The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul" -Isadora Duncan
Anonymous asked: How old are you and how did you manage to advance so quickly in ballet if you don't mind me asking? Have you sat graded exams? (I'm not sure if you sit them but we do in the UK)

Hello, thanks for your message! I’m 18, but turning 19 in April. Well I mean I started at 14 then moved dance schools after a year so I started in Cecchetti grade 5 when I was 15 turning 16. Then I worked towards Grade 6, of which I took the exam for in May of last year. So since then I’ve been working on Intermediate, but this year I’m also doing some advanced work with people my age (18/19) because our school is small so our classes have combined. I’m  not taking ballet as much this year because of Uni, but the last 2 years especially I just took all the opportunities I could, like I went to workshops in the city specifically for cecchetti exams, and in the summer holidays of 2012-3 I went to a summer school program at a full time ballet school! But yeah I mean I have an about page somewhere on my blog where I’ve written out my ‘story’ pretty much so give that a look if you want any more info! 

a long emotional spiel about dance academy because i’m hella daggy

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Aw man, soaking my feet in warm water after 3 hours of ballet feels sosso amazing!